Django First Met

As demanded by my instructor, I need to grab the essence of Django in three weeks, which is not quite possible for a non-native CS candidate. Still, I struggled to follow the instructions given in the official document, and, well, not THAT official, that I’m actually doing a step by step tutorial in mandarin, which lags in the version of 1.10.5 instead of the newly announced 2.0. But this doesn’t trouble me at all since Anaconda also doesn’t provide the latest 2.0 update in the repertoire.

So I just began.

Install Cuda 8/CuDNN 6, Tensorflow and Keras on Windows 10

[Windows 10 安装 Cuda 8 + CuDNN 6, Tensorflow 和 keras,附CPU/GPU切换小技巧]

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

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I’ve tried months ago to install the GPU-based Machine learning framework, namely keras with tensorflow, but get stuck following the official indication of the latter, and the issue remained unresolved until yesterday because of loads of patients in summer vocation, and I finally managed to get m1000m working.