SCOM - Agent and Management Packs

Procedures notes on deployment of SCOM agents and MPs.

Push Agent

Pushing steps are primarily base on default setting.

  1. Log on to SCOM as an Administrators role, and open Discovery Wizard at the left bottom of Administrator panel.

  2. Choose Windows computers.

  3. Select Advanced discovery for specific search. Choose Servers and Clients, make sure Verify discovered computers can be contacted is checked.

  4. Select proper discovery method, I actually chose Scan Active Directory.

  5. Make sure the account have administrative privileges.

  6. Check the clients you want to manage.

  7. Click Finish, and the agent status can be seen in the dialog box

Import Management Packs

  1. Choose Updates and Recommendations in Administrator panel, then click Get ALL MPs at the right.

  2. If there’s any component still not monitored, do last step again.

  3. Mind following MPs:

    • Microsoft Windows Cluster Management Library, install version instead of 6.0.7063.0.

(Ref: M$ SCOM Documents, SCOM Agent Installation – Discovery Method)


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